PiedrasJuntas: 25 years working and innovating at the eaves of World Class mining

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PiedrasJuntas is a company with more than 25 years working and INNOVATING at the eaves of World Class mining. Our services and products are mainly associated with the areas of Production and large Construction Projects in Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Communities. Today we have offices in different regions of Chile and Peru. We are also opening markets in Asia (Middle East), Australia, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico thanks to the support of ProChile. In addition to the services and products already known, we have the exclusivity for the global commercialization of an organic Dust Suppressor, 100% biodegradable, low cost and high profitability that helps reduce 98% of water consumption in road irrigation and a mitigation above 95% of pollution in PM2.5 and PM10. On the other hand, we have added to our product portfolio, a sanitizer called Olicopper based on oligosaccharide and copper nanoparticles, which eliminates Covid-19 and replaces quaternary ammonium, both in cost and effectiveness, since it eliminates 100% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It should be noted that it lasts active up to 30 days on surfaces once applied, being the only harmless product to be occupied in populated areas without harming people, flora, fauna and environment in general. It can also be used in casinos, camps, offices, transport of air and ground personnel, and in light and heavy equipment in tasks, thus helping to avoid contagion by pathogens. Finally, it is important to note that we will be present at Expomin 2021, making our services and products known to the mining world, since it is essential to show that INNOVATION is part of the industry and must be visualized by all its entities.

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