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Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) is looking forward to seeing everyone again in person at EXPOMIN 2021. Make sure and stop by our booth to learn more about how PPI can save you time and money by selecting the right product tailored to your specific needs. We will be showcasing problem-solving products such as the SSP® (Static Shaft Pulley), PPI Idler Rolls with Vayeron Smart-Idler® Technology, and Turbine Pulleys. Vayeron Smart-Idler Technology offers customers the ability to predict and report idler failure, increasing productivity and reducing downtime along with reducing fire risks in conveyor belts. PPI is a Global Premium Partner of Vayeron, selected due to the quality of products as well as expertise in the industry. The one-of-a-kind SSP from PPI has the bearing mounted inside the pulley hub to provide exceptional bearing protection. This patented design also uses a taconite sealing system that provides further protection from contaminants entering the bearing. It is a great option for areas prone to bearing failure and also offers inventory reduction options as it can be used as a standard pulley in non-drive locations. PPI offers the ultimate in reliability and strength in our Turbine Pulleys. The machined end disc is made from a solid single piece of steel, they are constructed with full penetration welds and thermal stress relieved. All PPI Turbine Pulleys are designed through calculation and Finite Element Analysis and all welds are inspected using magnetic particle and ultrasonic methods. Come let PPI show you how WE KEEP IT MOVING.

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