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PRECISION: Innovation for Building Connected Mining

PRECISION, a multinational company with presence in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and soon, Bolivia, will be participating in EXPOMIN.

Publicada: Thursday 30 de March del 2023
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PRECISION, a multinational company with presence in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and soon, Bolivia, will be participating in EXPOMIN. Hand in hand with one of its main partners, Rockwell Automation, this company with decades of experience will bring its proposals to the largest mining fair in Latin America under the concept of Connected Mining. Connected Mining: The Road to Sustainability The concept of connected mining is a comprehensive approach to mining processes, where all the information generated by each device that is part of the mine site is collected, processed and finally used to make decisions that enhance efficiency, continuity and safety. Logically, this large volume of information requires a carefully designed infrastructure. Innovative hardware and software technologies must be implemented to move the information from a field-level sensor to the remote monitoring systems where it is used, taking into account cybersecurity threats and the effects of hostile environments. Facilitating customers the construction of this network of systems and people, PRECISION brings to Expomin an extensive range of products, solutions and services supported by the experience of its team of collaborators and the prestige of its partners, globally recognized brands: Rockwell Automation, Cisco, Panduit, Grace, MTE, ThermoFisher or Fluke, company with which they have signed a new direct distribution agreement in Chile. Experience, knowledge and trust One of PRECISION’s foundations is its experience working in the mining sector. Recent projects with clients such as SQM, Codelco or AngloAmerican stand out; covering the areas of control, automation, security, asset and people protection, fuel management, weighing and more; actions that demonstrate the versatility and ability to respond to major challenges. Equally important for its growth has been the implementation of electrical rooms, one of the company’s specialties, in projects of the aforementioned SQM and Codelco, as well as Capstone Copper and Bechtel in Chile, AngloAmerican in Peru and Sales de Jujuy in Argentina, to mention a few. Regardless of space, country or client, the common thread in all projects leads to two key ideas: efficiency and trust. Efficiency as a response to the challenges faced by mining today, where the responsible use of resources and natural spaces demands immediate responses from industries. Trust as an added value for the client, who can count on PRECISION’s support in every step of its operations. The mining of the future, starting today. Lithium and copper, two key resources in the Chilean mining industry, are key to the development of sustainable solutions that include electric vehicles, high-capacity batteries and alternative energy generation systems. Hence the enormous importance of mining in the same direction of sustainability. PRECISION, together with its partners, will present at Expomin several technologies that point in this direction. On the one hand, infrastructure innovations in high-efficiency electric motors for extreme environments, high-capacity industrial controllers or secure industrial networking devices that provide an answer to cybersecurity challenges. Additionally, PRECISION will present a wide range of software for areas such as remote monitoring and control, plant asset management or maintenance equipment management to ensure operational continuity. Completing the virtuous circle of infrastructure, information and people, PRECISION will showcase its services with special emphasis on remote assistance technologies through wearable devices. PRECISION is a company prepared to support the mining industry with technology and solutions that respond to sustainability needs. In the words of its CEO, Patricio Haristoy: “Our vision is focused on efficiency and trust. On these two pillars we build industries that are safe and respectful of the environment and communities. This is the only way to achieve true sustainable growth that guarantees a bright future for generations to come.” To learn more about innovations and proposals for Connected Mining, PRECISION|Rockwell Automation will be present at Expomin 2023 in Hall No.4, Stand 4A35.

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