Presented at Expomin 2021, Robbins to Global TBM Company

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Robbins Global TBM Company is the first company to develop a TBM (Tunnel digging machine). Since 1952, that is, 70 years creating, innovating and developing solutions for the greatest challenges of tunnel construction, both mining, roads, for metro, water transport and other services. In the beginning, these machines worked on soft ground, later it was possible to excavate in soils with hard rock. In 1964 Robbins managed to create a machine capable of digging with pressure, for the Paris metro, being this machine, the propeller of machines EPB (Earth Preassure Balance) and Slurry (for sludge), in the following years the double shield machines were created, the SBU (Small Boring Units) and in recent years hybrid machines have been created, capable of facing different types of terrain for the same tunnel. Some milestones, which accompany the successful development of Robbins BMRs, is that we hold around 90% of the world records for daily/weekly/monthly production according to different machine diameters; The Channel Tunnels between England and France; In Chicago, supply of 20 machines for one of the largest underground projects in history. Within the newspaper and constant development of new technologies, is that today we present something totally new, designed for mining, it is the new MDM5000 (Mine Development Machine), TBM with rectangular profile, the first that manages to excavate successfully in terrain with hard rock in the world. This machine has been developed in conjunction with our customer, Fresnillo PLC, a major silver miner in Mexico. This important novelty, which you will be able to know in greater detail in our Stand 3-F21 in Hall 1, has been developed to access a silver vein 700 meters deep, with a design profile of 5 meters wide by 4.5 meters high, generating a faster excavation than the traditional method of Drill & Blast (D & B), and generating other advantages that translate into lower costs and greater safety, since while excavating the appropriate support is carried out, with a flat base, then, the tunnel is in conditions to be used immediately for vehicular traffic with rubber tires.

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