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Expomin 2020

EXPOMIN 2020 starts its booth renovation

Between April 20th and 24th, 2020, the XVI EXPOMIN version will occur, the second biggest mining exhibition worldwide. For this, the Booth renovation has started inviting the 1,350 companies that were part of the 2018’s version. [...]

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Last minute news

Chile Day: Minister Prokurica remark the Government acceleration mining investments

The Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica called international companies to consider our country as a destiny for their investments. The Ministry was head in the seminary “Chile Day” where our country brand was promoted during the last day of the PDAC. [...]

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Mining employment growth 4% in 2018

According with INE statistics, the mining employment growth 4% in 2018 in comparison with 2017, reaching 208,000 new employers. [...]

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Technological trends

ABB, more than 65 years in the mining market

Interview with the manager of the Robotics and Motion Division of ABB Chile at EXPOMIN 2018. [...]

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Komatsu: Pioneers in automation

Carlos Aguilera, Manager of the Komatsu Chile autonomous system: “Komatu was the first in the world to start operating with autonomous technology”. [...]

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International News

The world’s mining sector joined in Canada to talk about this industry development

“The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention”, PDAC, took place in Toronto which is the most important convention for people, companies and organizations related to minerals and mining industry in the world. [...]

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Mining companies present project in Argentina to explore gold and copper deposits

The agreement “will allow Agua Rica Project to be developed and operated using infrastructure and installations from Minera Alumbrera Limited. in Catamarca” is the official information. [...]

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Successful balance of EXPOMIN 2018

Interview with the EXPOMIN Executive Director, Carlos Parada, in Mining Reporting. [...]

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Presentation by Iván Arriagada at the opening ceremony of EXPOMIN 2018

Presentación del Presidente del Congreso Internacional EXPOMIN 2018 y CEO de Antofagasta PLC, para su Conferencia “Innovación para el Desarrollo Minero” en la Ceremonia Inaugural de EXPOMIN 2018. [...]

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Sector statistics

Yearbook: Copper and Other Mineral Statistics

This yearbook contains production and export statistics; history of mining taxation, investment, employment and costs. It also provides information about the state of strategic inputs. [...]

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Mining stage in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges and opportunities for a sustainable development

Sub-secretary executive speech from the United Nations Economy Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena. [...]

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