Promet will exhibit at Expomin new sustainable modular solutions adapted to new times

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Promet: we are a Chilean company with over 30 years’ experience, delivering steadfast commitment to our clients’ satisfaction in engineering, modular construction, and industrial assembly. Operating today in Chile and Peru, and with an ambitious plan for growth throughout the Pacific Coast. We develop solutions that integrate the expectations of our clients and are based on high standards of quality, safety, care for the environment, and respect for the community. That is why we are the first modular engineering and construction company, nationwide, certified to international standards (ISO 9001, 14001 and today 45.001). Safety is our fundamental pillar; each manufacturing process, operation and collaborative action is constantly monitored by our teams to ensure correct execution and adherence to accident indicators with world-class standards. Today— in addition to providing services such as industrial construction and assembly, and hotels and camps for various industries— Promet now offers new alternatives to give the client the best experience. As part of the company’s growth process in 2021, we have created two new lines of business associated with industrialized modular construction: Promet Rentals and Housing/Industrial. Today we are participating in Expomin 2021 to showcase our new modular solutions, which aim to make everyday life simpler, more sustainable, shortening construction time, and adaptive to current conditions, such as for Covid-19; this in addition to showing the impressive quality of the delivery both in terms of material and comfort, and from the base of synergy with our parent company, the Cintac Group.

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