Quimeco SPA national company dedicated to research at expomin 2021

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Quimeco SPA, is a national company dedicated to the research and development of products based on high performance biopolymers, in order to supply biodegradable products to companies seeking innovation and optimization of their production processes. Quimeco SPA presents solutions adapted to the needs of customers, supported by the use of technology for the delivery of quantitative data that allow to support decision making and the optimization of productive resources, closely advising each client, with a strong emphasis on the preservation and care of the environment. It seeks to be recognized by the mining industrial sector, as a strategic ally in the processes of continuous improvement of productive management, always implementing solutions adapted to the needs of customers, permanently seeking product innovation, with a strong focus on the optimization of water resources. Among the products developed, a soil conditioning product stands out that improves the quality of fruits and plants, optimizing the consumption of water resources; an environmental disinfectant product based on highly effective biopolymers that can be used safely in the presence of people; and the Integral Dust Suppression Treatment that can be used in rural roads, agricultural properties and mainly in the Mining Industry. Linked to the mining industry and aware that poor control of suspended dust can trigger effects on the health of workers, safety problems, low productivity, damage to equipment or machines and problems with surrounding communities, Quimeco SPA has developed and formulated for the mining sector, a comprehensive dust suppression treatment, which consists of the supply of flexible products according to the condition of the land to be treated and the process of monitoring the results with the corresponding application advice. The Dust Suppressor treatment is composed of Ecodust and Ligcar products, which increase the size of pollutable particles of dirt roads, allowing moisture to be retained in dry times and the impermeability of the ground in wet or rainy times, progressively decreasing the presence of fine material in the form of dust. This treatment allows to improve the quality of the terrain and increase the useful life of the road. One of its main characteristics is that the terrain does not need to be corrected with machinery once the product is applied, only focused maintenance must be carried out according to protocol. Ecodust: It is a liquid compound with moisturizing, binding and binding characteristics, insoluble in water at the time of drying. This compound binds with the substrate managing to bind the fine particles of dust. Ligurch: It is an enhancer of the compactor effect of the product, which

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