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RCa-D company dedicated to Engineering, Automation and Services arrives at EXPOMIN 2021

We are pleased to present RCa-D, a company dedicated to Engineering, Automation and Various Services. We are an organization oriented to innovative solutions

Publicada: Tuesday 7 de September del 2021
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We are pleased to present RCa-D, a company dedicated to Engineering, Automation and Various Services. We are an organization oriented to innovative solutions, integrating technology as the main basis of our developments, allowing us in this way, to be the best strategic ally that your company can have. And it’s not just verbiage, thanks to our development department, we have been able to create a unique type of technology on the market, a visual alert band called 3LUX, a patented and certified development nationally and internationally. In turn, due to our quality management system, we have been able to optimize the times in developments, manufacturing, execution and monitoring of everything that leaves our offices in the direction of our customers. In this way we provide all our allies, not only a modernization in their production processes, but also reliably protect the main and most important asset in an entire organization, that is, people. As a company, we faithfully believe that our technology is a contribution to the industry and above all, a contribution to companies. In this direction the areas and developments that are at your disposal immediately are: Technological innovation Official representation for sales of SmartCone, high-end technological products, mainly focused on the care, monitoring and follow-up of IoT solutions. Unique developments in the market, focused on the safety of people, we offer tailor-made solutions in all our requirements based on the request of our customers. Updating and modernization of processes, through Online Monitoring and Vital Signs of Mobile Equipment. Engineering, Automation and Services Thanks to our engineering department and our strategic suppliers, we are able to deliver optimal solutions for the execution of works, ensuring operational continuity at a lower cost, while remaining highly competitive. One of our business lines consists of the Repair of major components and various equipment, ensuring delivery times and above all ensuring the necessary quality that our vast experience can ensure. Another of our predominant business lines is the Sale of Supplies and Special Spare Parts or high turnover in all its criticality levels. Consultancies, Training and Technical Audits Our exhibitors will be able to deliver, based on the knowledge acquired during years of work and studies, the competencies and skills necessary for the optimization of resources and services, increasing the indicated and the performance throughout the productive line of our clients. On the training side, our exhibitors will generate in the end user, both Operational and Maintenance skills and techniques, in this way lower costs for operational efficiency quickly solving the problems that can generate any equipment. Technical audits focused on processes and also aimed at teams, delivering a real, concrete and sustained gap reduction over time, ensuring the correct alignment to what was audited. “There is always a better way to do things”

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