Sattel Chile and its innovation in Mining present at Expomin 2021

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Sattel Chile is a company from the Atacama region dedicated to innovation and technological development for the medium and large mining industry, with more than 10 years of proven experience, taking care of the needs of the sector in order to provide systems that optimize production processes in mining companies. In addition to being a B company, it is a company certified under ISO standards of Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health, therefore, all its processes are subject to high management and quality standards. The symbolic product of Sattel Chile created and fully developed by the company is the PDA (Auxiliary Device Protector) which regulates and stabilizes the sub-standard connections that adhere to mining equipment, reducing stops in their processes, and consequently increasing their productivity. Currently the product has been in the national market for 6 years and more than 800 units are installed, due to this success and the constant search for improvement, accessories for PDA have been developed; Expansion Module: Increases the number of connections of technologies Power Backup: Keeps onboard technologies energized in stopping mining equipment. Backup monitoring: Control of variables from the web. Integrating the PDA module into mining equipment provides the following benefits. Following in the line of innovation Sattel Chile has diversified its offer incorporating developments with renewable energies such as cars and mobile solar stations, fully transportable, with different functionalities; Lighting, where a guaranteed autonomy is delivered from 24 continuous hours, Communication, which provides coverage in places of difficult access with the possibility of expanding the area of connectivity. Traffic light, to direct traffic in places where it is required, Surveillance trolley, equipped with security cameras And finally the mobile solar station, to provide clean energy anywhere. All technologies connected to the cars are powered by solar and clean energy. For Sattel Chile it is important to include renewable energy sources to Chilean mining and as an example of that in their own facilities they use solar energy, which feeds 60% of the consumption they generate daily. Sattel Chile has achieved versatility in the mining industry, developing solutions according to the problems of the industry, with the development of control systems, automation, integration of technologies, etc. Thus it has been established as a supplier of the most important companies in the sector, standing out for its innovation and versatility in the formulation of technological solutions.

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