SIGMA S.A will be at Expomin 2021 promoting technological integration and digital transformation

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We are a start-up of the service company SIGMA S.A. – a company with more than 10 years of experience in the industrial and mining sector – formed in 2018, SIDTEC contributes to the development of innovation projects to improve processes through the integration of technologies and digital transformation. During 2019 we added value to the contracts of the company SIGMA S.A. through the digital transformation of its Commissioning services, through the SIGMA CX® collaborative management platform, applied to the Chuquicamata Subterráneo contract. SIGMA CX® is a digital tool for the control and management of the Start-up allowing to manage work teams in the field, schedule activities, manage documentation digitally and generate real-time reports of the progress of the project, improving planning, streamlining processes and decision making. This successful experience motivates us to continue improving and invite the audience to know our new developments around the productivity applied in the industry. An example of this is the application of the Digital Lock system®, a system developed in conjunction with CODELCO-VP to give agility and security to the blocking process that is routinely executed in the works developed in different industries, but mainly in large mining. The knowledge acquired with all these projects drives us to achieve the integration of all this information in a great platform that provides a collaborative and updated experience around productivity. With all this, we want to promote interactive experiences around technology through our products, in order to generate spaces for the approach of challenges or problems of our visitors or first approaches to digital transformation, through playful instances and open communication.

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