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PDAC 2019

The world’s mining sector joined in Canada to talk about this industry development

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“The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention”, PDAC, took place in Toronto which is the most important convention for people, companies and organizations related to minerals and mining industry in the world; specifically in Latin American countries.

By El Centro, Toronto, Canada Newspaper. Read the entire article HERE

“The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention”, PDAC, took place in Toronto which is the most important convention for people, companies and organizations related to minerals and mining industry in the world; specifically in Latin American countries

The event counted with the participation of government from the four continents with interest in the mining industry. Also, with 1,000 exhibitors, 3,500 investors and 25,600 visitors from 135 countries worldwide. Visitors could also attend technical sessions, short courses and networking events.  

Santiago Montt, Chilean Lawyer and owner of Montt Group, which offers Legal services and accountability to Latin America mining companies and count with headquarters in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, México, Paraguay and Canada, assisted and says “In general the mining industry had returned, not to blow your mind but prices are better. Providers for mining campaigns have appear. Rock excavation companies are having contracts. In general, every provider is having contrac, in special Chile and Peru”.

Also says that Peru is doing good with the mining industry, as well as Chile, while Colombia wants to achieve mining and Ecuador is doing a priceworthy work for it. About Mexico, explained that is one of the biggest in mining industry and with many companies, where the main problem is how to growth the small and middle scale companies.

About Venezuela says, that due to the political instability in the country the mining companies are waiting to see what happen. Venezuela has great potential deposits, while Central America is unknown but is being investigated.

When he was asked about critics to the pollution produced by excavations for finding minerals and if exists the called “Green mining”, Montt says it is just a “cost problems”.

“Everything is possible in cost process. Companies will do everything they are asked for because is the only way of subsisting. However, they will need to financiered costs. For that, they need to maintain the same taxes and reduce the investment in stakeholders, as well as reduce cost in the community. It will be impossible”.

The expert says mining companies are on a drama that has to be explain to the government and citizens because they are under big pressure. In one side, are stakeholders who wants return. On the other side, the government is who wants higher taxes because South American countries are on development and we seek more incomes. On the other hand, the communities and the work environment are asking more rights from companies. People is asking to contract local suppliers to work with their natural resources which last 15 to 20, but 1 of 10 project are finished.

PDAC 2019 Convention framework in Canada

Chile Day: Minister Prokurica remark the Government acceleration mining investments

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The head of a Seminary focused on the Country at the world premier mineral exploration convention worldwide gave value to the industry impulse in growth of the economy.

Ministry of Mining see original note HERE.

The Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica called international companies to consider our country as a destiny for their investments. The Ministry was head in the seminary “Chile Day” where our country brand was promoted during the last day of the PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada) 2019 in Toronto on March 6th.

The Minister also mentioned the contribution of Chilean mining saying “It is the most important sector of the economy. For years it has been a fundamental factor for progress and workforce. 30 years ago, 40% of the population was on extreme poverty, nowadays is been reduce to the 4%. Great part of this reduction is because of the mining activities. It is historic and we expect to have for long time”.

The authority also mentioned the relationship with Canada since the TLC was signed in 1997 and was updated two years ago. “The exchange is triple between the parts, as well as the exportations from Chile to Canada have growth 8 times and Canada’s exportations have duplicated. While in investment, Canada is the 3th biggest investor in our country and the first in our mining industry, detailed Prokurica minister.

As part of his exhibition, a book called “Chile an Investment and Opportunities Country” was presented which exposes 32 projects of middle mining as potential for investment or for external financing. The importance of the sector is because between 2006 and 2013, the exports were around US 2,460 million, overcoming wine industry.

“I would like to confirm that our Government it in favor of investments, in favor of more work, and development according to the norm and environmental regulations, the relationship with communities and respect for our aboriginal population. We implement the Ministry of Mining, office that helps investors in their projects permissions and collaborate with the installation process in our country. We know bureaucracy interferes in the fluency. This is why we are making efforts reducing it”, add the minster.

At last, Prokurica announced the next challenges and invited international companies to be part of “the main economic activity in the country and to contribute to Chilean families’ progress through a sustainable and inclusive mining”.

In the Chilean forum, also exposed companies and services related with National mining like Enami, Sernageomin, CODELCO, Teck and Minera Valle Central.