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The mining industry connects to MUNDO with the fastest speed in Latin America.

Being present at the most important mining exhibition gives us a tremendous showcase to reach one of the most important markets in the country that requires cutting-edge technology. Today MUNDO is at a very competitive level and is able to meet the needs of this industry

Publicada: Wednesday 19 de April del 2023
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In his speech, Enrique Coulembier, CEO of MUNDO, said that mining is a transcendent challenge, taking into account that telecommunications networks play a fundamental role in the development of its operations in remote or difficult to access areas. MUNDO Telecomunicaciones is an expert company in building fiber optic networks formed by a great technical and human team that supports the prestige that the company has achieved thanks to the strong growth in the country and the international recognitions obtained during the last years that highlight it as the company WITH THE FASTEST INTERNET IN LATIN AMERICA. Currently, the company has more than 890,000 customers in 11 regions of the country, with a presence in more than 260 municipalities between the regions of Antofagasta and Los Lagos. In addition to this, the company has deployed 68,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables throughout the country. Aware of the importance that telecommunications have acquired in the mining industry by allowing the transmission of vital information for the operation and management of mines, MUNDO has made available in the market the Fiber Optic network with the highest speed in the continent. The 10G Fiber allows speeds of up to 10 symmetrical gigabits per second, a unique technology in the country that supports a large flow of information quickly and securely. MUNDO Fiber Optics can cover distances of up to 100 km. without signal loss, and is also resistant to the extreme environmental conditions often found in mining sites. Undoubtedly, mining 4.0 requires a solid and robust connectivity to ensure efficiency and safety in its operations. In that line, MUNDO has also developed solutions for mining companies to monitor and control operations in real time, with a portfolio that includes connectivity solutions such as LTE Networks, 5G Private, Wifi Mesh and Radio Links. It also offers an energy resource management service providing visibility of energy use, natural resources and critical processes. On the other hand, MUNDO provides solutions in hospitality and digital signage, which involves support in the implementation of Internet connectivity for work sites, rest areas and common spaces. Also, OT cybersecurity that seeks to cover the existing security gap in SCADA and PLC deployments, among others, through the monitoring and control of devices, processes and events. For all this and much more MUNDO is ready to connect the mining industry with the fastest speed in Latin America.

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