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USM participates in a new version of Expomin

With a stand where it will disseminate its scientific, technological and academic work, the university will once again be part of the largest mining fair in Latin America.

Publicada: Sunday 23 de April del 2023
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Between April 24 and 27, the XVII version of Expomin, the largest mining event in Latin America, will be held at the Fisa Park in Santiago, where the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María will be present to showcase its educational and research work and the contribution it can make to this industry, which is currently pursuing a more sustainable development. The meeting, in which more than 35 countries participate, is a space where the transfer of knowledge and experiences is promoted and, at the same time, where the latest developments in technology and innovation are shown. Regarding the USM’s new participation in Expomin, the General Director of Outreach, Dr. María José Escobar, commented that “we must, as humanity, aim at sustainable economic development. Mining has great challenges in this regard, where innovation based on science and technology has much to contribute. This space is an excellent platform to show the capabilities that we have as a university to contribute to innovation processes aimed at the sustainable development of this industry”. During the exhibition, which will feature more than a hundred speakers and about twenty seminars, will be present representing the USM the General Directorate of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, through its Office of Technology Transfer and Licensing (OTTL), the General Directorate of Technical Assistance, the Directorate of Graduate Studies and Programs, and the Master in Business Management, MBA, of the house of studies, in addition to the Engineering Project 2030. Listening to needs The USM Director of Graduate Studies and Programs, Dr. Jorge Ardila, explained that “mining is one of the fundamental engines of Chilean industry, and the academy seeks to have a link with the industry, so Expomin is an important event for companies to learn about what is being done in terms of research and what constitutes a contribution to the mining industry. Expomin is an important event for companies to learn about what is being done in terms of research and what is a contribution to the mining industry and, in turn, the academy can listen to the needs of the industry in this area, so that researchers can try to find solutions. Instances like this help academia and industry to get closer and work together”. Meanwhile, the director of Project 2030 and academic of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Mario Toledo, was emphatic in pointing out that “the participation of the institution in the most important mining fair in Latin America allows us to strengthen our links with the environment and to disseminate our work in areas such as innovation and technology transfer”. The Director of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, Dr. Karem Tello, explained that “being present at Expomin as a university is very important, due to the technical nature of our university. Expomin brings together a group of companies that participate directly in the most important productive process of the country, which is mining, which demands important areas of knowledge, such as mechanics, electricity, electronics, metallurgy, chemistry and automation, among others, which we develop in different careers of our university”. Likewise, the academic pointed out that “the development of mining in Chile today faces a series of challenges, such as mineral extraction, the use of fossil fuels, electromobility in mining, digital transformation and sustainability, among other elements. USM can contribute in these areas both from the point of view of technology transfer and knowledge development, with an important contribution from our students through internships and memoirs, as well as research projects and graduate theses”.

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