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WEBFLEET will participate in Expomin 2023

Webfleet Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of telemetry solutions, dedicated to fleet management, vehicle telemetry and connected vehicle services.  It will showcase a wide range of solutions at Expomin 2023, including the premiere of Webfleet SAT, which introduces satellite technology ensuring vehicle connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Publicada: Monday 10 de April del 2023
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Santiago, April 2023 – Webfleet Solutions Chile, local subsidiary of the global leader in vehicle monitoring and fleet management will be present at Expomin 2023, the most important international mining event in Latin America, to be held between April 24 and 27, 2023, at the new fairground Parque FISA, located in the district of Pudahuel. On this occasion, Webfleet Solutions Chile will show the wide range of fleet management and monitoring solutions developed to increase the safety and efficiency of fleets in the mining environment. In this XVII edition of Expomin, Webfleet will have as a great novelty the launch of its innovative connectivity service Webfleet SAT, a powerful device that provides telematic tracking worldwide, regardless of local mobile network coverage, and in any weather conditions, thanks to satellite technology. The new solution for fleets, which operates in dark areas, connects whenever the mobile network signal is lost and integrates with Webfleet’s Link family of devices globally, making it possible to retrieve data from vehicles in operation, regardless of their location. “Being connected at all times is a key pillar of the mining industry’s safety objectives, and we are honored to announce Webfleet SAT in Chile in the context of Expomin 2023. With this new tool in our portfolio, today we can ensure the delivery of fleet and driver data anytime, anywhere,” explained Raúl Aranguiz, Country Manager of Webfleet Chile. Safer and more efficient mining The new Webfleet SAT complements an extensive list of devices that help fleets of light vehicles, trucks, buses and machinery -including haulage equipment such as trailers- to have relevant information that allows them to make better decisions and improve safety at the mine site, as well as making better decisions in fleet management, with a positive impact on operating costs. Webfleet SAT has global coverage provided by Iridium Satellite Network. Its Short Burst Data® (SBD®) technology uses 66 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites with cross-links that facilitate tracking and monitoring of assets around the world and, in turn, make it reliable. Also recently launched, for example, is Webfleet’s Cam 50, a camera that uses artificial intelligence to detect danger signals while driving, in addition to recording incidents in operation, making it a useful tool for safety, control and testing in the event of an accident. Another particularly useful device in mining, present at Expomin 2023, is the LINK 340, which allows monitoring of capital goods and assets such as machinery, trailers and even electrical equipment. “Expomin 2023 is an opportunity for the mining industry to learn about the wide range of solutions that we provide to the industry, from the extractive sector to the transportation of personnel, the protagonists of the mining industry will have world-class technology to improve safety and efficiency in their companies”, concluded Raúl Aranguiz, from Webfleet Chile. About Webfleet Webfleet is Bridgestone’s trusted global fleet management solution. More than 60,000 companies worldwide use it to improve fleet efficiency, support drivers, increase safety, meet standards and regulations, and help them work more sustainably. For more than 20 years, it has provided fleet managers with key data-driven information that helps them optimize their operations. Webfleet is part of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions’ mission to move the world toward a sustainable future with data-driven mobility solutions that contribute to Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment. This broad global corporate commitment clearly defines the value Bridgestone promises to deliver to society, customers and future generations in eight focus areas: Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Excitement, Ease and Empowerment. These provide a compass to guide strategic priorities, decision making and actions in all areas of the business. Learn more at: webfleet.com. Follow us on Twitter: @WebfleetNews. For more information about Bridgestone in the EMIA region, visit www.bridgestone-emia.com and Bridgestone Newsroom.

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