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The company will arrive at the exhibition with the mission of showing itself as a brand that builds its identity based on product, endorsement, credibility and the consequence of its sales promise.

Publicada: Tuesday 25 de April del 2023
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The renowned Chinese multinational heavy machinery supplier will exhibit its qualities at the largest mining fair in Latin America, Expomin 2023, to be held between April 24 and 27 at the FISA Park, located in Santiago, Chile.

Among the attributes for which XCMG will stand out in this exhibition are the global strength of the brand, its varied and broad product portfolio – in this case giving priority to mining – and the permanent development of intelligence, innovation, research and technology in favor of the industry and its projects.

Ahead of market needs and based on “The Power of Change“, XCMG will focus its technical showcase on electromobility, savings and optimization of components and spare parts, offering the best operational cost in the sector and translating these benefits into greater profitability for the mining sector.


Ready for Transformation

Ranked 3rd according to KHL 2022 magazine’s Yellow Table -still in force- in terms of global market share in heavy machinery, the international company has integrated its Zero Emissions seal, which is materialized with the 100% electric machinery fleet that XCMG has incorporated to its commercial platform.

In XCMG “we consider that we are currently going through one of the most mutational moments in the mining industry, as this sector is requiring an urgent transformation towards sustainability and a more effective and sustainable extraction of natural resources. This is a significant challenge that requires brands that have the power to contribute to this process, and we are ready to be part of it,” said Julio Piña Alegria, Commercial Director XCMG Chile.


The Equipment Exhibition

During Expomin 2023, the organization will present a multiple offer of real and high performance machines, among which the first and only fleet of electric equipment in Chile stands out:

▪ XC968EV electric front loader.
▪ XGE90 electric mining truck.
▪ Electric excavator XE270E


All these models are characterized by being powerful, robust, intelligent, efficient, fast-charging machines that provide significant energy savings, being more environmentally friendly and reducing emissions.

“At XCMG, we offer this equipment with a quality guarantee of 5 years or 10,000 hours. By not having combustion engines, the cost of maintenance, spare parts and man-hours is reduced, in addition to the significant reduction in unforeseen costs, as well as contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint in construction sites and operations,” added Julio Piña Alegría.


Along with this innovative equipment, machinery that operates on traditional combustion and is already recognized for its guaranteed high performance will also be on display:

▪ XE225BR Excavator.
▪ Excavator XE500DK
▪ XE380DK Excavator
▪ Telescopic Handler XC6-3514K


Regarding compact equipment, XCMG, through its distributor Movsa, will present 2 of the most versatile machines for the industry crosswise:

▪ XC760K model mini skid steer loader.

▪ XE27U mini-excavator.


“At XCMG we take care that “The Power of Change” is implemented through solutions, that is why along with the products, we work on continuous improvement to offer the best delivery times, in fact we have immediate delivery for several models, at a fair price and with a technical configuration similar or better than what other brands have”, emphasized the Commercial Director.

Undoubtedly, Expomin 2023 will be a magnificent opportunity for visitors to get a close look at the new developments and availability that the multinational provides to the Chilean mining industry.


About Xuzhou

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. (XCMG) founded in 1989 has remained a leader in the heavy machinery industry in China. With its wide range of machinery equipment, XCMG is considered one of the largest business groups in the industry and has become one of the most competitive and influential in China.

The group ranks third in the global construction machinery industry, as measured by Yellow Table 2022; and remains firmly as China’s No. 1.


XCMG high performance equipment guaranteed!


XCMG Chile is present since 2018 as a factory office in Santiago, Copiapó and soon in the Norte Grande; being a support to our customers as a trusted supplier offering solutions and services for mining and construction equipment.

In XCMG core values are the delivery of quality machinery, innovative equipment tailored to customer needs, with a strong commitment to values and responsibilities.

Our business mission is to discover smart engineering technologies and relevant fields, for the provision of win-win solutions for infrastructure construction and sustainable development worldwide.


Contact Communications

Marcela Hidalgo Pavez +56 9 7764 9473 [email protected]

Commercial Management XCMG Chile

Commercial Contact

Julio Piña Alegría Commercial Director +56 9 94192285 [email protected]

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