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With each day of the exhibition, the multinational has positioned […]

Publicada: Friday 16 de June del 2023
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With each day of the exhibition, the multinational has positioned the brand and the qualities of its wide portfolio of equipment. In addition to having one of the most attractive presences of the exhibition, XCMG has made known with facts the attributes for which it continues to be in 3rd place in the world ranking of Yellow Table machinery. Not only our customers and visitors have enjoyed the XCMG experience at the stand of the international company, but also authorities related to the industry, such as the visit of the Minister of Mining, Marcela Hernando, after the inauguration of the fair, and the SEREMI of Energy of the Metropolitan Region, Iván Morán. Both government representatives met and highlighted the benefits of the research and development of the organization, which launched its 100% electric fleet during the event, which includes a front loader, an excavator and a hopper truck. The authorities had the opportunity to ask technical questions and receive personalized attention from XCMG specialists. Without a doubt, “The Power of Change” was also reflected in the recreational activities prepared for the public, who enjoyed a live classic rock concert, games with scale miniatures and witnessed an artistic intervention on a piece of equipment by an urban artist, among other activities. actions. The multinational thanks all those who have visited, as the intention is to let them know that close leadership is a relevant factor. A leader of the new era is one who assumes that his position is a responsibility, and not a privilege, it is a service, and not a good that has been assigned to him, and that is what we are at XCMG. Who are we? Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. (XCMG) founded in 1989 has remained a leader in the heavy machinery industry in China. With its wide range of machinery equipment, XCMG is considered one of the largest business groups in the industry and has become one of the most competitive and influential in China. The group ranks third in the global construction machinery industry, as measured by Yellow Table 2022; and remains firmly as China’s No. 1. XCMG high performance equipment guaranteed! XCMG Chile is present since 2018 as a factory office in Santiago, Copiapó and soon in the Norte Grande; being a support to our customers as a trusted supplier offering solutions and services for mining and construction equipment. In XCMG core values are the delivery of quality machinery, innovative equipment tailored to customer needs, with a strong commitment to values and responsibilities. Our business mission is to discover smart engineering technologies and relevant fields, for the provision of win-win solutions for infrastructure construction and sustainable development globally. Contact Communications: Marcela Hidalgo Pavez +56 9 7764 9473 Commercial Director [email protected] Commercial Contact: Julio Piña Alegria Sales Manager +56 9 94192285 [email protected]

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