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Yoy simulators: We develop custom training systems based on virtual reality, augmented reality and web simulators

Founded in 2013 in Valparaíso, Chile, Yoy Simulators is a company that creates interactive experiences using cutting-edge technology in virtual reality

Publicada: Monday 6 de September del 2021
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Founded in 2013 in Valparaíso, Chile, Yoy Simulators is a company that creates interactive experiences using cutting-edge technology in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and web-based simulators, applied to challenges ranging from security industrial, operational training, education, as well as in marketing and tourism. In 2018, the company was selected by Nvidia to join its Nvidia Inception program. In 2020, the company was selected by the Manager Training Program promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy. In addition, it has been awarded twice by Epic Megagrants, a worldwide competition focused on promoting initiatives in Unreal Engine. Looking to the future, Yoy Simulators strives to expand its partnerships with institutions and businesses by creating training simulators that blur the line between the real and the virtual. We have extensive experience with multinational and national companies, as well as with mining companies and top-level universities: ABB, Bechtel, BHP Billiton, Centinela, Collahuasi Goodyear, Mercedes Benz, Teck, Universidad de Chile, among others. Yoy Simulators has the capabilities, flexibility, and agility to create tools specifically adapted to the objectives and needs of each client. From our work with mining companies and technical training organizations linked to the industry, we have developed pioneering virtual experiences in the Chilean industry, such as the CAEX Pro mining truck driving simulator, a system that complements theoretical learning with first-person experience, as if you were in the middle of a mining operation. Using a virtual reality viewer and a replica of a driver’s cabin with high-performance hardware, the operator can simulate driving exercises with an empty and loaded truck, carry out loading and unloading operations, drive alongside other trucks and practice operational checks, all through an immersive and highly emotional experience. During the sessions, an instructor user has the possibility to offer visualizations and tutorials in real time, and to evaluate and accurately report the operator’s ability to control the vehicle, avoid obstacles and follow safety protocols. Likewise, based on the needs of the industry, we developed the School of Risks VR simulator, a complete experience aimed at critical risks identified by mining companies and construction of mining sites, such as work at height, man/machine interaction and confined spaces. In it, users will find themselves within a mining construction site, where they must comply with the different protocols previously defined, observing and experiencing in detail the different procedures they must take when carrying out this type of work. Education and training through simulations offer low-risk experiences, high emotional impact and considerably reduce the carbon footprint associated with operational, logistics and material costs. It is no longer necessary for operators and instructors to travel to mining sites, nor to have machinery available for user training. Virtual reality experiences open a new world of possibilities for efficient and effective remote training. Yoy Simulators is led by a team of six experts who set the course for the company, providing key knowledge in our main areas and guiding the work of more than 30 employees of different backgrounds and specialties.

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