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Cochilco, 2018:

Yearbook: Copper and Other Mineral Statistics

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The National Copper Corporation of Chile is pleased to offer the public the 37th version of the Yearbook: Copper and Other Mineral Statistics, which comprises the main mining sector statistics between 1998 and 2017.

Download Yearbook from Cochilco website HERE.

This yearbook contains production and export statistics; history of mining taxation, investment, employment and costs. It also provides information about the state of strategic inputs required by the sector such as water, energy and sulfuric acid, among other data.

Through the statistics provided by this yearbook we can analyze how has been the sector’s behavior during the last 20 years.

IX Mining Ministries Congress of the Americas. Lima. November the 20th, 2018.

Mining stage in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges and opportunities for a sustainable development

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Sub-secretary executive speech from the United Nations Economy Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena.

Download the speech from the ECLAC website HERE.

The conference base was sustainable mining administration lead by ECLAC with the “Regional cooperation for the sustainable management of mining resources in the Andean countries” program (MinSus) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Through this initiative, it aims countries from Andean regions to be beneficiaries from the ECLAC knowledge and dialogue about Governance of natural resources and Environmental Democracy, with lines and objectives for the Development Agenda 2030.

To June, 2018

Mining Investment Project from Mining Council companies

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The Mining Council makes a record of the publicly-known projects informed by its companies

See Original site HERE

Download inform HERE

These are mining projects with higher values than US$ 90 million, such as desalination plants. There are the “on implementation” projects, which investment decision has been made by the companies and have the legal permissions, as environmental. On the other hand, there are the “on evaluation” projects, which are been evaluated by the Environmental Impact Evaluation System (EIES), but the investment decision has not been taken. Exceptionally, are included those project that have not been evaluated by EIES, but there are plans of it.

The Council cannot give the investment quantity of these projects due to its uncertainty levels.

Mining Competences Council Study

Chilean Mining labor force 2017-2026; Diagnosis and Recommendations

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Labor force Study is one of the main bases of the Mining Competences Council because it focuses on the urgent gaps; the ones about people quantity -or skills shortage- and those about information appropriateness -or skills gaps- as those related to human capital management (as retirement and woman incorporation, for example). Those three gaps and the Mining Qualification Framework are the lines that give structure to the objective of the initiative.

Download the study from the website of Mining Competences Council HERE.

On this edition, projection with information from 13 mines (42,000 workers) and 16 suppliers’ companies (14,538 workers) were included from an investment portfolio with high production facility. Under these circumstances, it is estimated that the mining labor force will reach 29,300 workers at the end of the decade, same estimation as the ones published. New projects of the decade were included, ones that had decreased (11,300 work positions are estimated) as retirement projections, which had maintained (18,069 workers that will probably retire).

PDAC 2019

The world’s mining sector joined in Canada to talk about this industry development

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“The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention”, PDAC, took place in Toronto which is the most important convention for people, companies and organizations related to minerals and mining industry in the world; specifically in Latin American countries.

By El Centro, Toronto, Canada Newspaper. Read the entire article HERE

“The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention”, PDAC, took place in Toronto which is the most important convention for people, companies and organizations related to minerals and mining industry in the world; specifically in Latin American countries

The event counted with the participation of government from the four continents with interest in the mining industry. Also, with 1,000 exhibitors, 3,500 investors and 25,600 visitors from 135 countries worldwide. Visitors could also attend technical sessions, short courses and networking events.  

Santiago Montt, Chilean Lawyer and owner of Montt Group, which offers Legal services and accountability to Latin America mining companies and count with headquarters in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, México, Paraguay and Canada, assisted and says “In general the mining industry had returned, not to blow your mind but prices are better. Providers for mining campaigns have appear. Rock excavation companies are having contracts. In general, every provider is having contrac, in special Chile and Peru”.

Also says that Peru is doing good with the mining industry, as well as Chile, while Colombia wants to achieve mining and Ecuador is doing a priceworthy work for it. About Mexico, explained that is one of the biggest in mining industry and with many companies, where the main problem is how to growth the small and middle scale companies.

About Venezuela says, that due to the political instability in the country the mining companies are waiting to see what happen. Venezuela has great potential deposits, while Central America is unknown but is being investigated.

When he was asked about critics to the pollution produced by excavations for finding minerals and if exists the called “Green mining”, Montt says it is just a “cost problems”.

“Everything is possible in cost process. Companies will do everything they are asked for because is the only way of subsisting. However, they will need to financiered costs. For that, they need to maintain the same taxes and reduce the investment in stakeholders, as well as reduce cost in the community. It will be impossible”.

The expert says mining companies are on a drama that has to be explain to the government and citizens because they are under big pressure. In one side, are stakeholders who wants return. On the other side, the government is who wants higher taxes because South American countries are on development and we seek more incomes. On the other hand, the communities and the work environment are asking more rights from companies. People is asking to contract local suppliers to work with their natural resources which last 15 to 20, but 1 of 10 project are finished.

Mining companies present project in Argentina to explore gold and copper deposits

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The agreement “will allow Agua Rica Project to be developed and operated using infrastructure and installations from Minera Alumbrera Limited. in Catamarca” is the official information.

By America Economía. See original note HERE.

Buenos Aires. – The Argentinian President, Mauricio Macri, received the main authorities from the Mining companies: Yamana Gold, Glencore and Goldcorp which presented an agreement for the exploration project in Agua Rica; a gold and copper deposit located in the province of Catamarca in  northwest of the country.

The meeting took place at The Olivos Residence, 20 kilometers at the north of Buenos Aires, where the President had the company of the Finance Minister, Nicolás Dujovne, and the President of the International Investment and Commerce Agency of Argentina (AAICI), Juan Pablo Tripodi.

In representation of the companies, was the founder and executive President of Yamana Gold, Peter Marrone the CEO of Glencore Chile, Andrés Souper Herrera, and the Vice-executive President of corporate affairs of Goldcorp, Brent Bergeron, between other representatives’ firms, as the Government informed.

The proposed agreement “will allow Agua Rica project to be developed using the infrastructure from Minera Alumbrera Limited in Catamarca, says the official information. The Argentinian government says the preliminary studies reveal 25 years of production for this deposit with an annually rate of 236,000 tons of copper, gold, molybdenum and silver during its first 19 years of operations”.

PDAC 2019 Convention framework in Canada

Chile Day: Minister Prokurica remark the Government acceleration mining investments

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The head of a Seminary focused on the Country at the world premier mineral exploration convention worldwide gave value to the industry impulse in growth of the economy.

Ministry of Mining see original note HERE.

The Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica called international companies to consider our country as a destiny for their investments. The Ministry was head in the seminary “Chile Day” where our country brand was promoted during the last day of the PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada) 2019 in Toronto on March 6th.

The Minister also mentioned the contribution of Chilean mining saying “It is the most important sector of the economy. For years it has been a fundamental factor for progress and workforce. 30 years ago, 40% of the population was on extreme poverty, nowadays is been reduce to the 4%. Great part of this reduction is because of the mining activities. It is historic and we expect to have for long time”.

The authority also mentioned the relationship with Canada since the TLC was signed in 1997 and was updated two years ago. “The exchange is triple between the parts, as well as the exportations from Chile to Canada have growth 8 times and Canada’s exportations have duplicated. While in investment, Canada is the 3th biggest investor in our country and the first in our mining industry, detailed Prokurica minister.

As part of his exhibition, a book called “Chile an Investment and Opportunities Country” was presented which exposes 32 projects of middle mining as potential for investment or for external financing. The importance of the sector is because between 2006 and 2013, the exports were around US 2,460 million, overcoming wine industry.

“I would like to confirm that our Government it in favor of investments, in favor of more work, and development according to the norm and environmental regulations, the relationship with communities and respect for our aboriginal population. We implement the Ministry of Mining, office that helps investors in their projects permissions and collaborate with the installation process in our country. We know bureaucracy interferes in the fluency. This is why we are making efforts reducing it”, add the minster.

At last, Prokurica announced the next challenges and invited international companies to be part of “the main economic activity in the country and to contribute to Chilean families’ progress through a sustainable and inclusive mining”.

In the Chilean forum, also exposed companies and services related with National mining like Enami, Sernageomin, CODELCO, Teck and Minera Valle Central.

New investments ensure positive impact and indices

Mining employment growth 4% in 2018

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“Economia y Negocios” El Mercurio newspaper, See original note HERE (spanish only)

According with INE statistics, the mining employment growth 4% in 2018 in comparison with 2017, reaching 208,000 new employers, while in 2017 were registered 200,000 employees, this means 8,000 new positions.

Mining is the productive sector with most incrementation in occupations between the economic sectors. In 2018 it increased 4%, instead 1.4% for others emblematic economic activities. For example, the industry decreases 2.8%, commerce 0.9% while the agricultural sector, construction and transportation growth 1%, 1.6% and 3.8% each”, says the CEO of SONAMI, Alvaro Merino.

The mining occupation increased in an important way in 2018 and has the highest work rates in the last 3 years. However, these statistics were inferior in 2015 and 2014, when reached 233,000 and 242,000 occupancy each.

On the other hand, the average unemployment in mining regions during 2018 is worrying, says the SONAMI executive, “While in the country the average unemployment in 2018, in comparison with the last year, grew from 6% to 7%, in Tarapacá from 7.3% to 8.1%, in Antofagasta increased from 8.5% to 9%, in Atacama from 7.2% to 8.2%, while in Coquimbo went down from 7.5% to 7%.

Merino also said, Antofagasta with 9% of unemployment, in 2018, had the highest level of unemployment in the country regions”. 

The SONAMI executive also mentioned that the last investments of US 18,000 million announced by the government in Spence, Los Bronces, Los Pelambres, Quebrada Blanca, Collahuasi and the project Nueva Unión will impact the workforce and new work possibilities will be available.

Pound reached US$ 2.95

Copper inventory will reach its lower level in 10 years and its value can increase

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Experts estimate a deficit in the metals market for the following years.

Portal Minero. See the original note HERE (spanish only).

Close to US$ 3 pound has been the copper price these days. A high price in comparison with the average US$ 2.64 in 2018. However, there is an inventory data call LME from the London Metal Exchange that announced metals could rise its prices during the next days. Yesterday, the prices fell in 116,875 metric tons which experts say it would be 2 days of consume. This have been the lowest prices in more than 10 years (May 8th 2008) 110,125 metric tons.

Juan Carlos Guajardo, Executive Director from Plusmining, mentioned that the inventory data fall is not related with the price. He adds “The fall we are seeing is the reflex of a great copper demand despite the financial and macroeconomic uncertainty, as well as the supply issues”.

The executive vice-president of Cochilco, Manuel José Fernández, says the fall in the inventory data is related with three main factors: first, the copper consumption from China keeps growing in a solid way; second, the deficit in refined copper in the world; third, the interruptions in mining industry from China, India and Chile; countries who has refine copper.

Álvaro Merino, CEO from Sonami Studies, explained that the inventory fall reflects shortage in the market and this is how it will be in the following years, “Analyzing the market fundamentals, this is demand and supply, and deficit is projected for 2019 and 2020, increasing in 2021 and 2022 so higher copper prices will be seen” says Merino.

This is how the inventory data fall is a signal for the cooper price. Even though yesterday a decline of 0.74% until US$ 2.95 pound was observed. Analysts predict prices will be high due to the market conditions and uncertainty will decrease. “For 2019 copper price will uptrend due to the positive expectative in the negotiation between United States and China, says Fernandez from Cochilco.

New version between April the 20th and the 24th of 2020.

EXPOMIN 2020 starts its booth renovation

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Between April 20th and 24th the XVI EXPOMIN version will occur, the second biggest mining exhibition worldwide. For this, the Booth renovation has started inviting the 1,350 companies that were part of the 2018’s version. On this opportunity, the focused will be the need of processes’ efficiency, so suppliers must satisfy those mining companies’ needs. On this context, the exhibition become an important platform to share experiences and debate. The 15th version bring together more than 1,350 companies from 35 countries, and over 70 thousand professional visitors. On this, it is projected about USD $1,700 million businesses within 2,500 national and international commercial reunions.